A quaint little mountain town. Nestled in the heart of a forested valley, from what you can tell it used to be the heart of a lively local industry. Mining and forestry were big draws, judging from the massive lumber yard and mill on the north-west of the town along the river as well as the foundry and smelting yard that dominates the eastern industrial section. The heart of the town lies to the south-west where the river that runs through the valley forms a natural crook.

Everything is quiet. Trash and litter line the streets, cars are parked at weird angles like they were abandoned in a hurry, and there's not a soul in sight. The lights still seem to be working but half of them are broken or flickering. 

Town's this small are usually boring but this is ridiculous.




-Residential Neighbourhoods

-Industrial Section



Army of Darkness - Bump in the Night Withers